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At First Dialysis Centre we provide round the clock dialysis service to patients suffering from advanced renal failure. Managed by trained staff and overlooked by internationally acclaimed Nephrologist with over 20 years of experience, we enure patient safety and dialysis adequacy. Our dialysis service extends to three cities Lahore, Gujranwala and Sargodha which are all run on a tightly controlled system ensuring quality and efficacy. We put great emphasis on infection control hence our local patients or those traveling to Pakistan on short trips, have to go through detailed assessment before entering our dialysis program. In 2013 we moved to a new location in the prestigious Doctors Hospital Lahore in a purpose built location. This has added to better patient care and satisfaction for our new and existing patients.

  • Acute Haemodialysis
  • Slow Continuous Therapies
  • Kidney transplantation work up
  • Haemofiltration
  • AV fistula surgery
  • Private Room Dialysis Available
  • Dialyzer Re-use Facility Available
  • 24*7 Availabilty


Our main unit is located in Doctors Hospital, Johar Town, Lahore. This serves as the core of our local and satellite dialysis units. We have a blend of custom made dialysis chairs and beds for individual patient needs giving them comfort and relaxation during the treatment.

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Our new state of the art unit for Gujranwala Division opened its doors in April 2019. Located in the Centre of the city accessible to nearby important cities of Sialkot and Gujrat it is a mere 45 minutes drive from Sialkot International Airport. This unit is unique as it is located in two floors of the hospital and caters to the needs of all social and economic groups of patients. With Central delivery system of disposables each procedure is closely monitored.

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Sargodha dialysis unit serves a large rural and urban population. Located on Lahore road and close to motorway it provides easy access to patients from around Sargodha Division and closest Faisalabad International Airport for travelling patients. Quality is ensured by telecommunication link with Lahore centre.

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Okara dialysis Centre is the latest addition to quality health care in the region. With Fresenius 5008 machines and quality control, our patients feel comfortable near home not having to travel great distances for dialysis. As with other regional Centers, Okara unit is backed by our Lahore Centre for admission and procedures.


Kidney Disease

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Early Stage Kidney Disease

Learn about the kidney diet, medication management and more when you have early stage kidney disease.

Late Stage Kidney Disease

Identify different treatment options, understand insurance options and more when you have late stage kidney disease.

On Dialysis

Learn about choosing treatment options (including transplant), eating right, staying active and employed, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is function of kidney?
A pair of kidney performs filtration of blood, they contain micro filters which separates unwanted wastes and excess components from blood and store them in bladder in the form of urine. In short kidney is much like water filter at our home.

What is Dialysis?

Dialysis is an artificial process of filtering blood and removing unwanted and waste products. It is required in cases where kidneys fail to perform their work which results in accumulation of excess water and chemicals which in turn may be lethal

How is renal failure (kidney failure) diagnosed?

In Patients with history of uncontrolled high blood pressure and diabetes, kidneys suffer damage, it can be made sure by performing lab tests. Additional symptoms include nausea vomiting cramps generalized weakness, pallor and loss of appetite. And convulsions. These indicate that damage to kidneys is 80 percent or more.

How is dialysis performed?

It is achieved by specialized tube called”cathetar” or via fistula the blood passes through it to dialysis machine and back to bod the machine contains filter which rid the blood of excess water and wastes the machine contains filter which rid the blood of excess water and wastes.

How long dialysis does takes?

It is performed 2-3 times a week. A session of dialysis takes about 4 hours.

Can weak patient undergo dialysis?

By the time dialysis is required patient is already weak, if dialysis is not performed in such state it may causes serious effects even death. Hence if performed with caution under qualified supervision it is safe.

Can dialysis be performed on children or senior citizen?

There is no age restriction for this procedure.

If performed once, dialysis has to be performed repeatedly?

As explained above dialysis is performed when 80% or more kidneys are damaged and waste products and excess fluids constantly build up in body if not removed they can worsen the symptoms and may cause death hence dialysis has to be performed repeatedly.

Is kidney transplant possible after dialysis?


Is it possible to have active marital life, business, and travels while on dialysis?

Yes, main goal of dialysis is to help the patient spend normal life

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