Holiday Dialysis Patients

Information for holiday dialysis patients

If you are a Haemodialysis patient intending to travel to Pakistan or are a referring dialysis unit please note the documentation we would require before travel and method of invoicing. We would appreciate a two week notice before departure.

Investigations: Recent HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C serology reports, MRSA screening. We do not accept HIV positive patients.

Medical Records: Most recent clinic letters, medications and any allergies, Recent Dialysis sessions record.

Choice of Injections: Most patients traveling from the UK carry their own injections for example Erythropoietin and iron. We stock a range of Haemopoietins like Eprex, Recormon and Mircera along with Iron (Venofer, Cosmofer )and Alfacalcidol. Please indicate your patients’ requirement for any of these items.

Mode of payment: Please specify who is to be invoiced for treatment. With most referrals an invoice is sent to the respective Trust at the end of treatment. We accept patients carrying medical insurance from a reputed company like Eurocross Assistance Netherlands. The insurance company will specify duration of treatment and an agreed cost per session in advance of intended departure of the patient. Otherwise patient’s may choose to pay for the treatment if they desire.

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